Warm Up Ballet Booties Mamaschila




Our new Collection of Warm Up Boots comes directly from Russia, where wearing ballet booties at the beginning of class is a MUST!

As Dancers, we all know that it's almost impossible to dance with cold feet, besides being dangerous. Leggings are not enough and don't cover the whole foot.... The solution is a pair of colorful, super warm, extra soft and cozy BALLET BOOTIES.

Entirely hand made with the best materials, our Mamaschila Ballet Booties will be your perfect companion while warming up, at the studio or at home, and on stage, before performances.


What Warm-Up Booties Are

Perfect for dancers of any age, warm-up booties are almost like little sleeping bags for your feet.

But ours are not JUST ballet booties, they are the BEST QUALITY ballet boots you can find on the market.

The top and lining of our ballet booties are made of raincoat fabric, with a water repellent coating (100% polyester). 

The filler is a 100% hypoallergenic fluff

The bottom of the booties is a durable, odorless rubber bottom with anti-slip effect.

The side parts of the booties are made of waterproof and stitched rip-stop fabric.

Removable and replaceable insole allows you to keep your boots and feet warm and dry.

The elastic around the calf allows you to adjust the fit.

They help speed up the warm-up process and even out the warmth, to ensure that every part of the foot and ankle is nice and warm. They’re comfortable to wear and are especially nice in the winter when you have cold toes.


Keeping Dance Shoes Clean

Many dancers will wear them with their costumes and remove the booties once they get backstage. On top of keeping feet and ankles warm, they do this to keep tights and shoes pristine for performance.