Black Esmeralda - Dancewear by Patricia

Black Esmeralda

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This tutu is our "masterpiece" for the role of Esmeralda!

Exclusive creation made by a famous Japanese costumier, only for Dancewear by Patricia. This tutu features a black velvet bodice, richly decorated with appliques and crystals, a laced pattern and a white undershirt. The white puffy sleeves fall off the shoulder and are decorated with white lace.

The tutu skirt is red, with a first layer made of balck satin. The contrast created is just amazing! The bacl overlay features three different levels, each of them decorated with golden trims on the edges. The costumes comes with a very original arm bracelet for the right hand (tha hand that holds the tambourine), with hanging coins that will make a twinkling sound when shaking the tambourine.

Custom made. Measurements in centimeters to be sent to:

Delivery time: 6 to 7 weeks

Price: $ 1500 + shipping