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La Bayadere Dance with Scarves - Dancewear by Patricia
La Bayadere Dance with Scarves

La Bayadere Dance with Scarves

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A unique creation for the "Dance with Scarves" in the ballet La Bayadere. can also be used for the Arabian Dance in Nutcracker or for le Corsaire.

This two pieces professional stage costume consists in a a small top and fluffy pants with over skirt. The small top has been made with silver and pink brocade, and embellished with silver trims.

The fluffy, Arabian style pants were made using pink chiffon. The waist belt is made with the same brocade used for the bra, and the edges of the over skirt are decorated with silver trims.

Custom Made.

Please send measurements in centimeters to: trishdance@hotmail.com

Estimated delivery time: 7 to 9 weeks

The matching headpiece can be purchased with the costume.

Price of the headpiece: $ 250 including shipping