Paquita P1312
Paquita P1312

Paquita P1312

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Details: costume, arm ruffles.

It is a professional stage costume, which is made on the basis of the professional basic tutu #T0001B (see section “Basic tutus”).
The bodice and the lid are made of velvet.
There is a flesh-colored inset on the bodice. The straps are flesh-colored.
The bodice has two rows of hooks for the comfortable adjustment at the chest level.
The lid has a rhomb form with wavy edges and looks quite nice on a lighter background of the tutu skirt.
The golden or silver appliqués in the shape of magnificent patterns, multicolored crystals, sequins, bugles and golden braid are used as décor elements.

The costume may be also used in “Paquita”, Grand Pas, or in the other ballet variations.

Custom Made.

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