The Magic of Pointe Shoes" by Patricia Storelli - Dancewear by Patricia

The Magic of Pointe Shoes" by Patricia Storelli

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Pointe shoes are beautiful: they are pink, shiny and …. they create the Magic! “The Magic of Pointe Shoes” is the only book covering in detail all aspects of pointe shoes, featuring world-wide famous experts revealing their secrets. Subjects span from the history of pointe shoes, how to take care of them, the first fitting, anatomy, pointe-related injuries and an extensive section dedicated to interviews with selected ballet professionals revealing their secrets. A visit to the world’s most famous pointe shoe manufacturer, Freed of London, and conversations with renowned shoe makers, thoroughly describe how pointe shoes are made. This invaluable manual answers to all the questions related to the correct use of pointe shoes.

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About the Author:

Patricia Storelli is a Registered Ballet Teacher of The Royal Academy of Dance and has been dancing, teaching and choreographing both in Europe and in the United States where she resides. She writes articles for several ballet publications and has extensive experience in pointe technique and in fitting pointe shoes.