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Dancewear by Patricia

Booster Muscle Massager

Booster Muscle Massager

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Dancewear by Patricia presents the latest tool that is becoming more and more popular with Dancers: the portable massage gun!

Fast relief from practice soreness, perfect warm-up before any dance class, and muscle relaxation while at home. This compact, portable USB chargeable massage gun has become a must-to-have for any Dancer!

Four speed, scientific variable speeds.

USB, type-C rechargeable, lasts for up to 6 hours. Complete with 4 different massage tips.

Four kinds of massage heads.

Three different gears, and different massage heads:

Tapered head:

Suitable for massage of painful points, with a high degree of stimulation.

Flat head:

For the relaxation and shape of large areas of all muscles.

U-type head:

Suitable for massage of the neck and spine, achilles tendon and other sensitive muscle areas.

Helps with the breakdown of lactic acid.

Available in 4 different colors: white, pink, grey, turquoise

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