Don Quixote Kitri variation Act I - Dancewear by Patricia

Don Quixote Kitri variation Act I

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Spanish Professional Romantic tutu for the role of Kitri (or Paquita) in Act I.

This impressive black and yellow stage costume features an elasticized black bodice,  and has a deep V cut in the front, very flattering on any ballerina's body, with a black laced pattern, and a yellow insert. Black net sleeves decorated with pom pons are attached to the nude traps, and yellow and black arm puffs are also part of this costume.

The Romantic tutu skirt is made with yellow tulle, and divided in three layers. each layer is embellished with black lace.

The result is a fantastic stage costume that will attract the attention of the audience or jury.

Entirely hand made.

Custom made. please e-mail measurements in centimeters to; 

Delivery time: 4 to 6 weeks

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