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Dancewear by Patricia

Violet Circle Rehearsal Skirt

Violet Circle Rehearsal Skirt

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Slip on chiffon crepe circle skirt.

Violet is stunning - a real stand out in a lovely flowing and beautifully stylish fabric. Crepe is a little more opaque than regular chiffon and has a more textured feel whilst still being very light and draping. 

Waistband options: choose from a very soft black, white or puple 38mm wide band, or the narrower elastic used on the wrap skirts. The wider elastic is more sturdy and supportive, while the narrower has a small opening and hook and eye fastening 

Length approx 60cm.

The character of chiffon, the circular cut and the nature of being handmade lends a certain whimsical feel to these skirts. No two will be the same.

Sizes small (waist approx 24"); medium (waist approx 26"); large (waist approx 30"). 

Due to the width of this fabric, it will have to be cut in two pieces for the circle rehearsal skirt, so there will be two seams at either side, sewn with french (hidden) seams.

Delivery time: 2 to 3 weeks

Price: $ 65

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