Dancewear by Patricia is the largest on-line store in the field of professional ballet costumes. Proudly based in the United States and in business since 2011, It was created with the goal of supplying dancers with stylish high quality dancewear, and especially with custom-made professional and exclusive tutus for performances, competitions, and other ballet events. Dancewear by Patricia supports all dancers taking part in major Competitions such as YAGP, Prix de Lausanne, IBC, Genee, Varna Ballet Competition and many more, with a special discount. Upon contacting trishdance@hotmail.com, a special discount code will be e-mailed to you. Dancewear by Patricia is really the place where your "dream tutu" becomes reality!
Founded by Patricia Storelli, dancer, ballet teacher, choreographer and author, born and raised in Italy, each item is designed to enhance the beauty and elegance of the dancer.
In this on-line store dancers will find exclusive creations. With over 25 of ballet dancing experience,  our focus is on professional tutus, leotards, dancewear,  headpieces, and accessories.  Our range includes everything from affordable recital ballet costumes,  up to the absolute highest level of handmade professional tutus available. Most of the leotards and ballet skirts are personally designed by Miss Storelli.
Since it was founded, Dancewear by Patricia has been making tutus for the most famous ballet competitions: YAGP, Prix de Lausanne, Adeline Genee, Varna Ballet Competition and many other. Miss Storelli proudly supports all Dancers competing, with special discounts to help them achieve their dreams.
Dancers and ballet studios from all over the world purchase professional tutus from Dancewear by Patricia year after year. Just to name a few countries:
Unites States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Singapore, Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, Greece, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Poland, and many more.
At Dancewear by Patricia dance schools and dance stores will be provided with school and store discounts.   The full assortment of Dancewear by Patricia includes: professional tutus, pointe shoes, slippers, ballet shoe accessories, leotards, unitards, skirts, tutus, tights, warm-ups, practice tutus and others. You’ll have the possibility to buy high-quality production on very competitive prices directly from the producers. Dancewear by Patricia is also the official representative for Benefis Russian tutus,  "Danzatelier" from Italy, Japan, Poland, Australia, and headpieces from "Tiaras4Dance", Mariana Puscasu, Aline Viana, and Satsuki Shimizu, offering them as an alternative to its own production.
Just call us if you need advice about sizes, colors, choice of styles.... Patricia Storelli offers  30 years of  experience in the ballet field that make her the most reliable and knowledgeable person to talk to.
Our 7 days a week, 12 hours a day Customer Service assures you will always receive our knowledgeable help!
When you buy from Dancewear by Patricia... you don't buy anywhere... you are in the hands of a tutu expert, just let us know what you will be dancing, and we will suggest the best styles or... just create one for you!!!
We are passionate about our Customers as we are about Ballet, only at Dancewear by Patricia you will receive unbeatable, professional and friendly service.
Shop with us, be stylish, feel elegant, feel beautiful....because Dancers are special … and you deserve all this!
Patricia Storelli
Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher - RAD RTS
Author of "The Magic of Pointe Shoes"
Patricia Storelli is a registered Ballet Teacher of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). She has danced professionally and taught extensively all around the world.
Her first published book "The Magic of Pointe Shoes", was published in 2011 and endorsed by Freed of London.
Her second book "The Tutu. Heart and Soul of a Ballerina", will be published by the beginning of 2018.
 "Tutus are very important for us ballerinas... they are our second skin... we want them to be light, beautiful, sparkling.... we wear them and we are immediately transformed."
We become Princess Aurora, or Sugar Plum Fairy, Kitri, Coppelia, la Bayadere.... we dreamed of tutus when we were children... they follow us throughout our whole career... yes, tutus are the heart and soul of a ballerina!
Patricia Storelli