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Dancewear by Patricia

Anya Professional Ballet Foot Stretcher

Dancewear by Patricia

"Anya" Professional Ballet Foot Stretcher is the most effective way to achieve the arch you have always dreamed of and improve the look of your feet.

This 100% wooden stretcher is easy to use, and smooth and pleasant to the touch. It is also lightweight and you can carry it with you anywhere; to the studio, to rehearsals, and to the theater before performances.

This product includes:

1) Foot Stetcher

2) Elastic Band

3) Rubber Pads Adaptors

4) Written  Instructions

Its unique and exclusive ergonomic design offers the option to stretch with the heel slightly forward to improve turn-out, and the facility to control stretching intensity.

You can also use this device to mold and soften your new pointe shoes, so that they will adapt to your foot from the beginning.

A must for any ballet dancer!

Material: High Quality Wood

Size: One Size

Colors: Pink, Skye Blue, Wooden Color, Ivory


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