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Dancewear by Patricia

This delightful ballet dress has been created for roles such as "Cupid" in Don Quixote, "Talisman" and "Diana and Actaeon".

The color is made with pale blue high quality French chiffon and the fading technique or "ombre dying" has been used to create this soft illusion of changing color.

The pale blue part of the dress features only one shoulder, while the right side of the bodice is white. Decorations on the upper body are very rich, with shiny white and gold appliques and gold trims. There is one arm band on one side and a small chiffon scarf on the left shoulder.

This professional ballet dress is just extremely feminine, light and evanescent.

Entirely hand sewn and custom made.

Allow 50 to 60 days before delivery.

Please send full set of measurements in centimeters to:


Price: $ 890 + shipping

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