Dulcinea Dream Scene - Dancewear by Patricia

Dulcinea Dream Scene

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This highly professional tutu is designed by a famous Japanese ballet designer. It is suitable for any major classical role, especially for the roles of Dulcinea, Princess Aurora, Sugar Plum Fairy and many other.

The silk taffetas bodice is created with an exquisite shade of deep rose, and features a deep V front insert  embellished by different gold,  shiny appliques, trims, and crystals. 

Lace, deep rose cap sleeves attached to the nude straps, complete the extreme elegant look of this tutu..

The professional bell-shaped skirt is made with pink net and has a tutu skirt entirely embellished with the same appliques of the bodice. The edges of the first layer of tulle are scalloped. This is a fantastic stage costume, suitable for very high level competitions and performances.

Custom Made

Please allow 6 to 7 weeks before delivery.

Send measurements in centimeters to trishdance@hotmail.com after you place your order.


1 Circumference at Breast Level
2 Circumference at Waist Level
3 Circumference at hip level
4 Circumference at hip level (2)
5 Breast Height
6 Breast Center
7 Distance from nipples to waistline
8 Front Width
9 Back Width
10 Front Length
11 Back Length
12 Slanting front length
13 Slanting back length
14 Shoulder length
15 Sleeve length
16 Circumference of the arm
17 Circumference of the wrist
18 Circumference of the leg
19 Seat height
20 Total height of the individual
21 Side distance from waist to floor
22 Step line
23 Side distance from waist to the knees
24 Circumference of the neck

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