Fairy of the Sapphires - Dancewear by Patricia

Fairy of the Sapphires

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New creation 2020!

This amazing ombre' tutu has been created for roles like The Blue Bird, aymonda, Sapphire Princess etc.

The bodice of this professional costume is maade with brocade, which has been ombr dyed in gradient shades of blue. Dcorations are made with golden appliques, trims and sequins.

The pancake, ten layers tutu skirt is also ombre dyed, and features beautiful shades of blue.  Decorations on the tutu skirt is very rich, with gold appliques, sequins, trims and lace.

Custom made. Measurements in centimeters to be sent to: trishdance@hotmail.com

Delivery time: 5 to 6 weeks

$ 790