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Kitri Grand Pas - Dancewear by Patricia
Kitri Grand Pas - Dancewear by Patricia

Kitri Grand Pas

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This stage costume is highly professional and suitable for any high level ballet competition such as YAGP or Prix de Lausanne.

The black fitted bodice features a deep V cut  in the front, decorated by clear Swarovski crystals. The bodice is lavishly decorated with gold appliques, and with a trail of red flowers crossing the bodice in a diagonal pattern.

The professional red, 10 layers skirt, is also richly decorated with gold appliques, black flowers and red Swarovski crystals.

Custom made. Please e-mail your measurements (in centimeters), to; trishdance@hotmail.com after you place your order.

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Please allow 7 to 8 weeks before delivery

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