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Ombre Odalisque
Ombre Odalisque

Ombre Odalisque

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New Collection 2021!

Exclusive new professional tutu for the role of the Odalisque, Medora, Gulnara or La Bayadere.

The costume is made in two pieces. The short corset is made with pale blue shiny satin, and fastens in the back with a double row of hooks and eyes. There is a deep V cut in the front of the top, with nude insert. The decorations are made with golden braids and appliques. The arm bands are in form of bracelets.

The bell shaped professional tutu skirt is dyed with the ombre' technique, starting deep sky blue and fading to white towards the edges. The tutu skirt and the basque are decorated with a matching pale blue satin tutu skirt, embellished by golden appliques.

The remaining tutu skirt is also decorated with golden braids and appliques.

$ 700