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Dancewear by Patricia

Peach Fairy Variation

Dancewear by Patricia

This highly professional tutu has been created by a famous Japanese ballet designer. The silk satin peach/pale orange color bodice features a  sweetheart in the front with an intricated motif with orange trims and multi-colored flower appliques .

The professional bell shaped skirt has been designed with fading colors to create a splendid effect. There is a small flower shaped overlay in peach silk satin matching the bodice, and rich decoration with orange sequins, trims and flower appliques. 

This tutu is suitable for roles such as Sugar Plum Fairy, Princess Aurora, Dulcinea, Medora and many others.

Custom made. Please allow 10 to 12 weeks for delivery.

E-mail measurements in centimeters to;

1 Circumference at Breast Level
2 Circumference at Waist Level
3 Circumference at hip level
4 Circumference at hip level (2)
5 Breast Height
6 Breast Center
7 Distance from nipples to waistline
8 Front Width
9 Back Width
10 Front Length
11 Back Length
12 Slanting front length
13 Slanting back length
14 Shoulder length
15 Sleeve length
16 Circumference of the arm
17 Circumference of the wrist
18 Circumference of the leg
19 Seat height
20 Total height of the individual
21 Side distance from waist to floor
22 Step line
23 Side distance from waist to the knees
24 Circumference of the neck

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