Dancewear by Patricia

Spanish Kitri Act I

A very delicate and charming professional costume for Kitri's first entrance in Don Quixote Act I.

This stage dress features a peach lycra or velvet (the Customer's choice), tutu bodice with basque, V neck and clear spaghetti straps. Peach fringes are sewn all around the top of the bodice, and continue on the the top part of the shoulders, creating a wonderful effect.

The knee length skirt is made using a layer of shiny peach tulle, covered by a layered (4 layers) shiffon skirt, with deep peach frills on the edges.

Entirely custom made. Measurements in centimeters to be sent to:

Estimated delivery time: 4 to 5 weeks

The bodice can be made either in lycra or in velvet.

Price: With lycra bodice: $ 440 + shipping

With velvet bodice: $ 470 + shipping


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