Dancewear by Patricia

Stage Costume F0072

Details: ballet dress.

This professional ballet costume is based on the elastic leotard (the model T 0008) and a wide light skirt consisting of four light tulle layers, which is carried out on principals of a flared skirt.
The décor consists of the artificial flowers and applications in the form of butterflies. The décor elements match the costume's color.

This ballet costume can be used in different ballet variations.

Custom Made. Please send measurements as explained in "How to measure" to:

Delivery: 4 to 6 weeks

Price: $ 180 + shipping

Please choose shipping for Benefis Costumes ONLY!

EMS (10 to 12 days): $ 75

DHL (3 to 5 days): $ 115

- light pink
- hot pink
- green
- sky blue
- royal blue
- Lilac
- orange
- any colors

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