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Sugar Plum and Cavalier Grand Pas - Dancewear by Patricia

Sugar Plum and Cavalier Grand Pas

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Exclusive Collection 2015/2016

Russian Exclusive Collection!

This fantastic pink tutu with long chiffon sleeves, is the sweetheart of all Sugar Plum Fairies. It features an incredible pale pink color,  and a very elegant cut.

The bodice is made with semi-stretchy fabric and features a V cut and a gold insert. The embellishments are made using gold trims, gold appliques and stones of every color.

The tutu skirt is the highlight of this tutu. The first layer of the slightly bell-shaped skirt is made of pink chiffon and give to this stage costume an incredible touch or royalty and elegance.

The tutu skirt is also embellished with golden trims and appliques. Diamonds and sparkles are scattered throughout the skirt for an amazing shine under the lights.

Custom made. Please send measurements to: trishdance@hotmail.com

Color: pink

Estimated delivery time: 5 to 6 weeks

Price: $ 1100 + shipping